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Trade Union Development falls under the remit of the Trade Unions Division of the Ministry of Labour. This Division operates under the Trade Unions Act, Chapter 88:02, which came into effect on July 1st, 1933.  Records indicate that the earliest registration of a Trade Union was in 1935. This Division deals specifically with the provision of services to Trade Unions. In accordance with the Trade Unions Act, Chapter 88:02, the Division has the responsibility for the following:

MAIN OBJECTIVES              

  • To assist persons in the formation of a Trade Union/Association
  • To assist Trade Unions and Associations with the interpretation of the laws that pertain to the Trade Unions Act


  • Registration of new trade unions\associations
  • Registration of partial alteration of rules
  • Registration of completed alteration of rules
  • Registration of amalgamation
  • Registration of change of name
  • Registration of change of registered office
  • Registration of dissolution
  • Cancellation of registration of trade unions\associations
  • Provision of advice to Trade Unions on interpretation and adherence to the laws and regulations of the Trade Union Act, Chapter 88:02 in relation to efficient operation of the Unions/Associations
  • Provision of advice or assistance to members of Trade Unions/Associations who call or visit our offices in search of resolution of various issues
  • Ensuring accountability
  • Appointment of Auditors to audit accounts and Financial records of Trade Unions.
  • Visiting Trade Unions/Associations to verify financial record-keeping and providing advice and assistance to ensure compliance with the Act
  • Ensuring that Annual Returns and Audited Financial Statements are submitted to the Registrar before 1st June of each year 
  • Verification of Annual Returns and Financial Statements submitted by Trade Unions/Associations.

Proper accountability for workers/members funds are essential, as a Union/ Association must be properly registered in order to represent workers at the Ministry of Labour and Industrial Court. The Trade Union Division therefore also plays a critical role in the provision of advice and support to all Trade Unions and Associations.


Trade Union Division Brochures

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