Government of Trinidad and

Units & Divisions

The following Units support the demands of the Ministry of Labour:

General Administration
The General Administration Unit is responsible for the co-ordination and administration of all administrative and facilities management functions of the Ministry including its sub-units throughout the country.  A key function of General Administration is Office Management which is responsible for promoting and facilitating the smooth operation of the other Divisions/Units of the Ministry by providing and maintaining furniture and equipment and the provision of office stationery and supplies, newspapers, transport and other basic services.  The General Administration Unit also comprise the Registry/Records Management and Facilities Management Units.

Records/Registry Management
The Unit is responsible for facilitating the smooth operation of the other Divisions/Units of the Ministry by receiving, dispatching and classifying all incoming information, directing its movement to action areas, storing and providing reference services for all correspondence. The Unit also creates, implements and maintains proper systems and procedures for the control and flow of records/information to officers.

Facilities Management
The Facilities Management Unit ensures maintenance of all accommodation (buildings and grounds) of the Ministry.  The Unit also manages and supervises janitorial services and supplies which entail daily and weekly cleaning;  determines and schedules repairs; renovation projects; waste reduction improvements; safety inspections; security services; risk assessments; evacuation procedures; and procurement and oversight of upkeep of all equipment. 

The Accounting Unit sources funds from the Ministry of Finance and ensures proper disbursement to the relevant stakeholders who have rendered goods and services to the Ministry.  It is responsible for the preparation and submission of Draft Estimates for Recurrent Expenditure and the Appropriation of Accounts, which is a requirement under the Appropriation Act (Budget Statement). 

The Accounting Unit operates in accordance with the Exchequer Act, Chapter 69:01 and the Travelling Allowances Regulation, Chapter 23:50 which are enshrined in the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago. It is guided by the Financial Regulations, Financial Instructions, Manual of Terms and Conditions of Employment, Guidelines for the Administration of Devolved Functions and Circulars issued from both the Chief Personnel Officer and the Ministry of Finance. The Unit has implemented the Integrated Payroll System and maintains and stores records of all financial transactions. 

Corporate Communications
The Corporate Communications Unit is responsible for the conceptualization, development and implementation of innovative communication strategies geared towards sensitizing the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago about the services and programmes provided by the Ministry. The Unit also plans and implements communications initiatives in collaboration with the various Units/Divisions of the Ministry in fulfilment of their objectives and strategies.

Human Resource Services
The Human Resource Services Division is the support arm of the Ministry.  It provides general administrative management services to all the Technical/Professional Staff and other Units/Divisions of the Ministry.  The main areas of focus of the Division include the provision of an enhanced suite of services and suitable occupational safety and health compliant accommodation for stakeholders; complete implementation of the Ministry’s organisational structure; improvement in Performance Management; and provision of Support Services to members of staff as required.

Internal Audit
The Internal Audit ensures that all financial guidelines and instructions are followed in all accounting matters of the Ministry.  In addition, it provides the Accounting Officer with the tools for special investigations, proper accountability and value for money audits.  Additionally, another aspect of the Unit’s remit is to advise on internal controls and risk management.  This Unit reports directly to the Permanent Secretary.

Information Technology
In 1997, Cabinet approved the Ministry’s Strategic Information Systems Plan, which included the establishment of an Information Technology (IT) Unit. The IT Unit comprises the following five (5) functional areas:

  • I/S Management  - responsible for the management of the Information Technology function in keeping with the strategic business direction of the Ministry.
  • Systems Development – responsible for facilitating automation of the Ministry’s business processes.
  • Systems Administration – responsible for the administration and maintenance of the Ministry’s Information Architecture and Application Portfolio.
  • Security – responsible for the protection of the integrity of the Ministry’s data.  
  • I/S Administration – responsible for administering general support services required for the day to day operations of the Unit.

The Legal Unit assists the Ministry in achieving its mandate by providing accurate and timely advice and support in the areas of legislative reform, legal advice/opinions, preparation of contracts and representation as necessary before the Legislative on Review Committee and the Courts.  It is also charged with the responsibility of managing the appeals referred to the Honourable Minister in accordance with the Co-operative Societies Act and disciplinary tribunals.  The Unit also provides information to stakeholders such as employers and trade unions in relation to labour laws.  It provides technical and administrative support to the Industrial Relations Advisory Committee established under Section 80 of the Industrial Relations Act, Chap. 88:01.

Research And Planning
The Research and Planning (R&P) Unit was established by Cabinet in 1970.  It also comprises the Statistical Unit.The R&Pserves as the information hub of the Ministry and is engaged in the following:

  • socio-economic research, report preparation and evaluation.
  • policy formulation and evaluation.
  • preparation of Ministry’s input into national planning documents. 
  • coordination of the preparation of the Ministry’s annual Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) projects and monitoring  of these projects.
  • project design, planning and implementation relative to the Ministry’s functions.
  • development and implementation of multilateral, regional and national programmes and projects.
  • co-ordination of the Ministry’s reporting obligations in relation to the Achievements and Projected Achievements and Administrative Reports.
  • provision of technical input for speeches as required.
  • representation of the views of the Ministry on a number of Inter-Ministerial and external Committees and at meetings as required.
  • technical and administrative support to the National Productivity Council. 
  • other co-ordinating duties as may be assigned.