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HIV Workplace Advocacy FAQs

What is the National Workplace Policy on HIV/AIDS?
A cabinet approved document which provides a framework for action that sets national standards for the management of HIV and AIDS, toward the reduction of the spread of HIV in the workplace.

Do I have to disclose my HIV status to my employer?
No one is mandated to disclose their HIV Status to their employer. However persons may choose to do so in instances where they may require the employer to provide them with reasonable accommodation (time off to attend clinic, adjustments to working hours, etc.) as a result of their HIV status.

Why should an organisation develop a workplace policy on HIV and AIDS?
The HWAU advocates that the workplace is an ideal forum to address the issue of HIV and AIDS through the development and implementation of HIV workplace policies and programmes. Such workplace policies are guided by the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) 10 principles and identifies the following areas for targeted action:

  • Stigma and Discrimination
  • Gender Equality
  • Access to prevention, treatment, care and support
  • Testing, privacy and confidentiality
  • Occupational Safety and Health

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