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Labour Market Information (LMI) is any quantitative or qualitative data/ information on or about the Labour Market. The Labour Market Information Unit (LMIU) therefore aims to make this data available through the development of a modernized Labour Market Information System (LMIS). It also seeks to create a range of specialized publications that support policy planning and facilitate a greater understanding of dynamics at play in the domestic Labour Market.

The LMIU is key to the Ministry’s thrust to expand the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) through the implementation and expansion of the Labour Administration Information System of Trinidad and Tobago (LAMISTT). With this high level of responsibility, the LMIU is expected to facilitate evidence-based decision making by legislators, policymakers, students, current and potential employers, and a range of other core LMI users, leading to greater efficiencies throughout the economy.   

Core Functions of the LMIU:

  • Collection, processing, analysis and publication of data from statistical surveys and administrative records on areas relevant to the Labour Market of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) such as:
    • Employment;
    • Unemployment;
    • Underemployment;
    • Informal Sector/Economy;
    • Labour Migration;
    • Education & Skills Development;
    • Retail Prices;
    • Disputes/Strikes/Lockouts/Retrenchments;
    • Wages;
    • National Output/ Income;
    • Maternity Protection;
    • Minimum Wages;
    • Labour Productivity;
    • Occupational Health and Safety (accidents and injuries);
    • Vacancies and
    • Social Security/Pensions/Transfer Programs, etc.
  • Development and maintenance of statistical and information databases for internal and external use, and their web applications;
  • Development of new data/information base in consultation with LMI users and providers, and in line with domestic and international standards;  
  • Preparation of forecasts/projections of employment, unemployment and other significant indicators of the Labour Market of T&T;
  • Enhancement of methods and techniques for making projections on employment, unemployment and other significant indicators of the Labour Market of T&T;
  • Assistance to LMI producing agencies in the design, development, storage and supply of LMI to the LMIS.STAT platform;
  • Provision of Assistance to other departments within the Ministry in the design, development, implementation, storage and analysis  of survey data and their administrative records;
  • Enhancement of the quality and scope of statistical systems and infrastructure that produce LMI;
  • Preparation of Statistical, Econometric and Analytical materials for regular and ad hoc statistical publications  and for use by other divisions;
  • Response to ad hoc requests for data from internal and external LMI users;
  • Drafting of working/position papers and other specialized publications on or about the Labour Market of T&T;
  • Function as Secretariat to the Standing National Labour Market Council (SNLMC) and other committees that are or may be placed under its supervision;
  • Preparation of media releases and information packages on its core output;
  • Collaboration with other Ministries, Agencies and Institutions on statistical programs, with a view to enhancing and increasing the types and quality of LMI available in T&T;
  • Monitoring of key reports and publications with implications for the Labour Market of T&T, such as the IMF’s Article IV, Review of the Economy, GORTT’s Draft estimates, Global Talent Report, MDG Progress Reports, SDG Progress Reports, Decent Work progress reports, etc.
  • Providing advice to the Minister and Ministry on a wide range of issues related to the Labour Market of T&T.

purple-gearsCore outputs of the LMIU:

  • Mid-year review of the Labour Market; 
  • Annual report (overview) of the Labour Market of Trinidad and Tobago;
  • Industry-specific LMI reports;
  • Initial reports from new surveys, programs and projects;
  • Update of the KILM, Decent Work, MDG and SDG indicators of T&T;
  • Reports generated from the work of the SNLMC;
  • Updated Statistical and Information Databases;
  • Working/Position Papers and Articles on a range of issues relevant to the proper functioning of the Labour Market of Trinidad and Tobago;
  • Media releases on issues relevant to the Labour Market of T&T;
  • Assistance to other divisions/units within the Ministry on the design, development, implementation, storage and analysis of survey data and administrative records;
  • Advice on statistical proposals which have direct and indirect implications for the types and quality of LMI available in T&T; and
  • Advice on Labour Market and training issues including technical responses to questions posed in Parliament and other fora.

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