Government of Trinidad and

Strategic Plan 2017-2020


“Charting the way forward is always an exciting undertaking. It calls for visioning, objectivity, creativity, realism, planning and execution. An excerpt from a very popular children’s story, Alice in Wonderland, puts it very succinctly, “…if you don’t know where you’re going…any road can take you there.” It’s the lack of Vision that so often fails us.

So when we set off on the journey of developing the Strategic Plan (2017-2020) for the Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development, we steadfastly focussed upon our Vision. We set our sights on our goal to present the road map of how we plan to successfully discharge the mandate of the Ministry over the period 2017 - 2020.

The ideals which we have set ourselves are captured in the spirit of our Vision:  

Decent Work ... Industrial Peace … Opportunity for all

The Strategic Plan, which is, for the most part, home-grown, is the product of harnessing the internal resources of the Ministry and the views of our external stakeholders. It is our pathway to recreating a Ministry that not only responds to challenges - traditional and non-traditional - in a direct, systemic and purposeful way, but proactively predicts trends, anticipates changes and devises, plans and implements measures to address these challenges.


As you peruse the pages or study the contents of this Strategic Plan, our expectation is that you will be satisfied that the employees of the Ministry have developed a well thought out and documented  road map which charts the course to the realisation of our Vision – Decent Work… Industrial Peace…Opportunity for all.”

Senator the Hon. Jennifer Baptiste-Primus
Minister of Labour and Small Enterprise Development
January 2018



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