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Workers’ Rights are protected by law!


The Labour Inspectorate Unit (LIU) is responsible for ensuring that both employers and employees are aware of their rights and responsibilities. This Unit monitors workplace environments and is mandated to enforce the following legislation:

  • Minimum Wages Act, Chapter 88:04
  • Minimum Wages Order, 2014
  • Minimum Wages (Catering Industry) Order, 1991
  • Minimum Wages (Shop Assistants) Order, 1991
  • Minimum Wages (Household Assistants) Order, 1991
  • Minimum Wages (Security Industry Employees) Order, 1995
  • Minimum Wages (Petrol Filling Station Employees) Order, 1982
  • The Wages Regulation (Agricultural Undertakings) Order, 1964
  • The Wages Regulation (Laundry Undertakings) Order, 1962
  • The Maternity Protection Act, Chapter 45:47 as Amended
  • Children Act, 2012 (Part XIV)

These pieces of legislation cover issues which include minimum wage and rate of pay; hours of work and overtime; public holidays; meal and rest periods; vacation and sick leave, maternity benefits and the employment of children. 

The Labour Inspectorate Unit is also responsible for

  • Education and Advisement - Educating and advising employers, employees and the general public about the relevant labour laws as they relate to wages and terms and conditions of work.
  • Litigation Recommendations - Recommending litigation in cases where employers continuously ignore warnings for breaching the provisions of relevant labour laws.
  • Outreach Programme - Supplying information and providing advice to employers and employees concerning the most effective means of complying with legal provisions.

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