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World Employment and Social Outlook - 2022 Trends Report

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"Pandemic disruptions, structural deficiencies and new risks reduce the potential for decent work to be created"


The World Employment and Social Outlook is a flagship publication by the International Labour Organization (ILO) that examines the latest statistics and projections on several indicators of the labour market.

The 2022 Trends Report of the World Employment and Social Outlook was launched on January 17, 2022 and warns of a slow and uncertain recovery, as the pandemic continues to have a significant impact on global labour markets. The report further examines the impacts of the crisis on global and regional trends in employment, unemployment and labour force participation, as well as on job quality, informal employment and working poverty. It also offers an extensive analysis of trends in temporary employment both before and during the COVID-19 crisis.

According to the ILO’s Director-General, Mr. Guy Ryder, there can be no real recovery from this pandemic without a broad-based labour market recovery that must be based on the principles of decent work, including health and safety, equity, social protection and social dialogue.

The full report can be accessed below:

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