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HIV Workplace Advocacy

Stop the Discrimination against Persons Living with HIV in the Workplace!!


The HIV Workplace Advocacy Unit (HWAU) plays a leading and coordinating role in the national response to HIV and AIDS in the workplace by providing technical support and guidance in HIV and AIDS Workplace Policy and Programme development for Employers, Employees, Government Ministries, Employers’ Representatives and Trade Unions, people living with HIV, Civil Society and other stakeholders.

The HIV Workplace Advocacy Unit sensitises workers and employers in the public and private sectors as well as the informal economy, while supporting the implementation of the National Workplace Policy on HIV and AIDS. This Policy plays a critical role in reducing HIV-related stigma and discrimination in the workplace. It establishes the framework for an effective and action-oriented workplace response to HIV and AIDS by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, employers, employees and their representatives.

The objectives of the HIV Workplace Advocacy Unit are to:

  • Reduce employment related stigma and discrimination against persons living with or affected by HIV and AIDS;
  • Reduce behaviours that put workers at risk of contracting HIV, by providing employers and employees with information and behaviour change strategies.

HIV Workplace Advocacy Unit Services

The HIV Workplace Advocacy Unit works diligently to equip both employers and employees to effectively develop and manage their workplace HIV and AIDS policies and programmes and to ensure that the principles of the National Workplace Policy on HIV and AIDS are adhered to.

The HIV Workplace Advocacy Unit provides assistance and technical support to:

  • Develop or review workplace policies on HIV and AIDS.
  • Conduct training on Peer Education and Skills Building in Policy Development.
  • Sensitise Employers and Employees toward addressing HIV and AIDS related workplace stigma and discrimination.
  • Assist workplaces in developing specific programmes and Information Education and Communication (IEC) material to inform and educate.



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