Government of Trinidad and

Vision and Mission

MOL coat of arms  MOLSED Stack Alignment - Lucidia Bright FontVision

Decent Work . Industrial Peace . Opportunity for all.


We champion equity and opportunities for all stakeholders through a collaborative approach to labour administration, the empowerment of employers and employees, and entrepreneurship.



Core Values


We will demonstrate via exceptional results our prominence as the primary Leader in execution of our given mandate.


We will engender a spirit of innovativeness in the development and execution of all policies and programmes.


We will anchor all our initiatives in ensuring equal opportunity for all our stakeholders in the provision of access to our services and involvement in our programmes.


We will provide the necessary support to develop and nurture the Nation’s entrepreneurial eco-system.

Co-operative Spirit

We will intensify our efforts at developing and promoting a cooperative approach to development and problem solving.


We will ensure tangible and measurable results to both our Internal and External Stakeholders.


We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in service delivery to all our stakeholders.


We demand accountability and integrity in the overall discharge of our responsibilities and in delivery of services to our Stakeholders.