Government of Trinidad and

Our Mandate

MOL coat of arms  MOLSED Stack Alignment - Lucidia Bright FontThe Ministry of Labour is primarily informed by the Official Policy Framework of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, the Draft National Development Strategy 2016-2030 (Vision 2030), and other official policy frameworks as may be determined over the course of time.  It is also informed by the Trinidad and Tobago Gazette Vol. 52, No. 97, dated September 23, 2015, which identifies the Schedule of the Ministry. 

Additionally, the Ministry’s mandate is impacted by legislation and regional and international obligations, including international instruments such as Conventions, Recommendations and Protocols.  

The Ministry focuses on the provision of decent work, the facilitation of industrial peace and, the provision of employment opportunities through on-the-job training and job placements.  

This is implemented through its work undertaken in the following two (2) main functional areas:

  • Labour Administration
    This function comprises a range of services focused on implementing the Decent Work Agenda

  • Support Services
    The Support Services are the internal services which are dedicated to the task of enabling the provision of the external services. The Labour Administration function engages the stakeholders and the general public: i.e. the external services.