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Labour Market Information Unit pushes towards shaping the job market

Have you ever wondered what the public service job market is like? What are the potential vacancies in the different occupations in the public service? What may be the requirements needed to be employed? What field you should study or sharpen your skills in?

Well, you are in luck! The Labour Market Information Unit (LMIU) of the Ministry of Labour has undertaken the task of producing quarterly public service job vacancy reports that will answer some of these burning questions.

These reports, along with the reports from the LMIU’s upcoming Private Sector Job Vacancy Survey, will aid in closing the gap between the demand and supply of labour, as well as assist in the development of a labour market system that will meet the short, medium and long term employment needs of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

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The first Public Sector Job Vacancy Report (Quarter I, Fiscal 2020/2021, i.e. October – December, 2020) will be released in Quarter III, Fiscal 2021/2022 (April to June, 2022).

The quarterly reports will cover the following:

  • New Hires during the quarter;
  • Vacancies by Occupation;
  • Vacancies by Educational Requirements and Experience;
  • Hard to fill vacancies;
  • Reasons for Recruitment;
  • Separations by Occupations;
  • Potential Vacancies by Occupations;
  • Potential Vacancies by Educational Requirements;
  • Labour Turnover;
  • Employment to Vacancy Ratio;
  • Unemployment to Vacancy Ratio;
  • Employment by gender;
  • Educational Level by gender;
  • Gender by salary earned;
  • Short-term employment as a percentage of total employment;
  • Established employment as a percentage of total employment;
  • Contract employment as a percentage of total employment;
  • Daily Rated employment as a percentage of total employment;
  • Skills needs in the public service.

The LMIU is currently collecting data for the second report which will cover Quarter I, Fiscal 2021/2022 (October to December 2021). This report will be released in Quarter IV, Fiscal 2021/2022 (July to September 2022).

Persons wishing to access additional information, can contact the Labour Market Information Unit:

  • International Waterfront Centre, Tower C, Level 6, #1A Wrightson Road, Port of Spain

  • Telephone: 625-8478

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